International Alliance for Peace and Security 

The International Alliance for Peace and Security (IAPS) was founded in 2019 by Hany Soryal, the CEO of the Global Thrive Group, Inc. together with Pavel Plchot, Ronald Blaho, Eva Bradnová, and Sabina Bockova.

It was created in response to spiritual intelligence that war was brewing on the Eastern European Front with Russia, and its initial purpose was to create an alliance of European nations that would, through the prayers and actions of its members, help to prevent war and maintain peace. The IAPS has since expanded to encompass nations globally-and recently hosted the "Peace Train", a Global Day of Prayer for Ukraine and Russia which gathered representatives from over 60 nations to pray for resolution to the current conflict.

The history of the IAPS is largely grounded in a God-ordained meeting of hearts and a profound healing of the two nations, Czech Republic and Slovakia, over the course of the last seven years. But it actually spans back into each founder's childhood, for they have all experienced either war or the oppression of communism.

Hany's early years growing up in Egypt were overshadowed by the ongoing war and enmity between his nation and Israel. Peace was not something most people dared hope for, let alone dream of. But a few brave men did dream, and through them a peace treaty was signed between enemies - a peace treaty that has resulted in an almost inconceivable peace for over forty years, and that helped to stabilize the entire region.

Around the same time, in Czechia and Slovakia, two nations that used to be under the heavy hand of the former USSR, Pavel Plchot, Ronald Blaho, Eva Bradnova and Sabina Bockova experienced first hand the imposed poverty, the deadening of creativity, and the Godless hopelessness of Communism. They know what it is to be oppressed, and they know what it is to then be politically freed, but to still suffer the soul wounds of years of oppression, both nationally and personally.

Seven years ago, in 2014, when God began leading Hany to Czech Republic and Slovakia, neither he nor the beautiful people with whom he became friends there knew that God intended him to serve as a midwife to help birth a movement of healing and reconciliation in the two nations commonly recognized as the heart of Europe. But that is exactly what happened. Through "I See a New Slovakia" and "Czechia, It's a New Day" God brought transformation, healing, and restored hope. Ronald, Pavel, Eva and Sabina were at Hany's right hand throughout this journey, laboring sacrificially in partnership with God for the healing of their beloved nations. It was from within the strong bond of friendship formed in this journey that the International Alliance for Peace and Security was birthed and, in September 2021, that Pavel and Ronald took on the leadership of "Czechia, It's a New Day" and "I See a New Slovakia", respectively.

Hany Soryal: Founder and Chairman
Pavel Plchot: Co-Founder
Ronald Blaho: Co-Founder
Eva Bradnová: Co-Founder
Sabina Bocková: Co-Founder
Branislav Škripek - Ambassador to Political Leaders
Ulrike Nováková - Ambassador to Spiritual Leaders
Jennifer Alexander: Director of Strategic Counsel
Ramses Girgis: Strategic Counsel

Eva Václavíková: Strategic Counsel
Jiřina Hlávková: Strategic Counsel
Radka Vicari: Strategic Counsel
Zora Hornová: Strategic Counsel
Petra Macáková: Director of Visual and Performing Arts
Magda Šobáňová: Director of Music
Martin Ilavský: Associate Director of Music
Andrea Haines: Events Coordinator
Maroš Vataščin: Technical Support

Our past events:

National gathering Inheritance in Prague,
Czech Republic in September 2021

Gathering Embrace in Prague,
Czech Republic, in September 2020